"Kiler Holding continues to grow steadily"

    The foundations of Kiler Holding were laid in 1983 by Hikmet Kiler and his sons, Mr Nahit Kiler, Vahit Kiler and Ümit Kiler. After the supermarkets opened in Bakırköy and Avcılar locations in the food retailing sector, which is the main field of business of the family, dozens of different markets continued to open each year. Kiler Group, which also started producing "Kiler" and "Kilerim" branded products offered to customers in retail, made investments in different fields of the food industry such as Packaged Food Production, Meat and Meat Products Production, Sugar Production, Flour and Bakery Products Production.

    In addition to retailing and investments in the food sector, the investments made in the construction sector added a further acceleration to the development dynamic of the Group. The activities, which started with the construction of the buildings required by the group companies, continued with the construction of many residences, offices and shopping centres of different scales. Kiler Holding, which also stepped into the transportation business with the implementation of Employee and Customer Services, accelerated its business activities in this field by making investments in the Tourism, Energy, Health and Service sectors in the recent period.

    With 22 different companies under the umbrella of 4 main Groups, Kiler Holding runs its business activities in more than 10 different sectors. The near-term goal of Kiler Holding is to invest in the retail, energy, construction and tourism sectors, to continue to grow steadily and to be among the top 10 pioneering companies in Turkey.