It consists of two main companies, Kiler GYO AŞ, which plans, develops and realizes the projects belonging to the Construction Group Companies of Kiler Holding, and BİSKON YAPI AŞ, which manages/undergoes the construction of these projects. The primary goals of the Group Companies are to always go beyond customer expectations, to create projects that inspire confidence in terms of life and investment, and to complete the said projects in parallel with the pre-determined schedules.


    It designs happy lives.

    The foundations of the confidence that carried Kiler Holding to today were laid in 1983 by Kiler Supermarkets. Our activities in the field of Real Estate Development and Construction, which gained momentum in 1994, have been the milestone of our experience of more than a quarter century in the sector. As a Real Estate Investment Trust, up to nowadays, Kiler GYO has signed many successful projects with its stakeholders. The primary goal of the Company is to "build the right living spaces" in order to ensure the happiness and comfort of the people. Standing out with its "REFERANS" brand in housing projects, Kiler GYO continues to respond to new life trends in metropolises by developing human-oriented design and quality construction projects in the right locations. Today, with 22 Companies and over 10 thousand Employees, Kiler Holding continues its business activities in the fields of construction, energy, tourism and industry.

    BİSKON YAPI is a Group Company that has been operating since 2004 and that manages/undergoes the construction of the projects developed by Kiler GYO. Biskon Yapı also carries out infrastructure and superstructure contracting projects. It has a strong Management Team consisting of experienced architects and engineers, who take into account the details that shall protect and facilitate human life at every stage of their projects ranging from architectural design to material selection.