By adopting the motto "Humanity comes first!", by continuing to work honestly and knowing how to share...

    In the first year of its establishment, a Science High School was built in Bitlis for talented young people so that they should be educated in more modern conditions and also a dormitory for the students, who would study at this school. And this facility was assigned to the Ministry of Education in 2008. Of the students studying at this High School, 170 of the young people, who obtained the right to go to universities, were awarded scholarships in the amount of 600, 750, 1000 TRY according to their ranks in the exam.

    A one-time gift of 10.000 TRY was presented to a student, who graduated from Hikmet Kiler Science High School and who received the highest score in the YKS (Higher Education Board Examination System) held in 2021.

    2000 qualified works were donated to Nahit Kiler Reading Hall in Hikmet Kiler Science High School. In order to provide additional resources for all our students studying at Hikmet Kiler Science High School, by contracting with a publishing house, necessary test booklets covering all disciplines were obtained and presented for the use of our students.

    As a result of the joint work carried out with the Preference and Beyond Platform, conferences regarding Universities and Departments were held for senior students at the above-mentioned Science High School.
    Within the scope of "Equal Opportunity in Education", our senior students at Hikmet Kiler Science High School were allowed to take the Turkey-wide Practice Exams organized by qualified publishing houses and institutions.

    Mosques, Condolence Houses, Quran Courses and Kindergartens

    The Foundation built a Condolence House next to the Hacı Hikmet Kiler Mosque, which was built by Kiler Holding before it was established, and a Quran Course for Hafiz students to study and reside in. In this Qur'an Course, the subsistence of the students, who are candidates for being Hafiz, were met and they were given scholarships.

    Upon request of our citizens residing in Bitlis Beşminare Quarter, Hacı Sevgül Kiler Mosque and an All-Female Quran Course were built. Again, upon request, a Nursery-Kindergarten Class is built for the girls aged 4-6 in this district. We undertook the sponsorship of the award-winning competition organized by the Mufti for our children, who study the Quran under the leadership of Bitlis Mufti during the summer months.

    Hikmet Kiler Awards

    In 2021, as part of the Hikmet Kiler Awards, due to the 100th anniversary of the adoption of our National Anthem, a painting, poetry and composition competition was organized for Primary, Secondary and High School students in our province of Bitlis in the fields of Education and Culture. And a total of 56500 TRY was presented to the winners of the award.

    Social Benefits

    In 2022 Ramadan, a total of 20000 Food Packages were delivered to families in need residing in Bitlis and its Districts. 7000 bags of potatoes were obtained from the presidency of BİTLİS AHLAT Chamber of Agriculture. And, approximately 100.000 tons of potatoes were distributed to families in need in Bitlis Center and in some districts of Bitlis: GÜROYMAK, ADİLCEVAZ, TATVAN, HİZAN and MUTKİ.

    Harmony With The Nature

    In 2021, a Memorial Forest of 10000 trees was created in an area of 4 Hectares in Bitlis as part of the fight against erosion.

    Ongoing Projects;

    An Award-Winning Quiz Show shall be held within the scope of "Hikmet Kiler Foundation Science and Mathematics Olympiads" for secondary school students studying in Bitlis and its Districts.
    Books that are qualified, and demanded by the students and their parents shall be donated to Bitlis Children's Library.
    In Africa, in the Sub-Saharan Region, where there is drought and famine, a project regarding the construction of a water-well that shall serve 10.000 People is being carried out. A Multi-Purpose Conference Hall that shall be presented for the use of our teachers and students is started to be constructed on the land of Hikmet Kiler Science High School.
    Our foundation carries out educational and cultural studies in order to entrust the future of our beloved homeland to a right-minded, virtuous, knowledgeable, loyal generation with strong national and spiritual values, who has adopted the motto of serving its country and nation.

    For further information, you can visit hkv.org.tr