"Our goal is to be in the top 10 of the Turkish Economy"

    The Turkish Economy is growing each day with the current recovery trend it has entered. As the world becomes globalized and communication tools and opportunities increase, the number of alternatives presented to the consumers becomes unlimited.

    Globalization also allows a small wiggle on the other side of the world to reach/impact our country and industry in the form of a big and destructive wave.

    This requires the participants in the business world to always be more alert, agile and principled, and to deliver the best product to the consumer with the best service and added value.

    As Kiler Holding, our goal in all the sectors, in which we have been dealing with our business activities so far, is to be among the top 10. We shaped all of our management, strategy and working principles in order to achieve this goal; and, in a short time, we managed to become a Holding that carries out significant works in Turkey. We took our steps by learning from the past and by foreseeing the future.

    We made our investments largely with our own resources, without ignoring the fragility of the Turkish Economy and the Global World Economy. Thanks to this, we achieved solid and gradual growth. Now, we have completely different goals in front of us. In the upcoming period, we dream of being among the top 10 companies that shape the Turkish Economy, making our business more effective outside the borders of Turkey, and continuing to add value to our country and people, as always.

    We are going to walk towards this goal together with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

    Our beautiful country promises a happy and prosperous future for all of us. As long as we, as the Turkish people, know how to work hard, produce and share. Let's add value and work. Let's share and live.