Energy Sector

The Energy Sector in Turkey is constantly developing and at the same time is in rapid change and transformation. And, it ceased to be an industrial sector that alone embodies one of the most qualified workforces of the current century. Today, it turned into a sector that contributes to the development of all other sectors and increases productivity


Kiler Energy Group

Kiler Holding has two companies operating in the field of energy. These companies are Aras EDAŞ and Aras EPSAŞ, which are subsidiaries of another Company titled Doğu Aras. Apart from this, a company titled NUVE Elektrik, which holds an Energy Generation Licence, and another company titled KLR Elektrik, which holds an Energy Wholesale Licence, which has not started its business activities yet and where KİLER HOLDING directly possesses Shares, are other companies under the umbrella of KİLER Energy Group Companies.


Fields of Activity of Kiler Energy Group Companies

The Company's activities in the field of energy are carried out through Kiler Energy Group Companies.

The Company carries out Electricity Distribution and Electricity Retail Sales activities, respectively, through Aras EDAŞ and Aras EPSAŞ, which are 100% subsidiaries of Doğu Aras, a public company, where the Company holds 40% of the Shares in the Capital. The activities of Aras EDAŞ are limited to a region, where there are only seven cities, including Erzurum, Ağrı, Ardahan, Bayburt, Erzincan, Iğdır and Kars, according to EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) Legislation. And, as per the same legislation, the aforementioned company is the only electricity distribution company operating in the said region. Aras EPSAŞ is allowed to sell electricity to freelance customers throughout Turkey.

KLR Elektrik and Nuve Elektrik, which are among the subsidiaries of the Company, are investments in the energy sector and they hold an Energy Wholesale License and an Energy Generation License, respectively.

Thanks to its Energy Wholesale License, KLR Elektrik is an investment in the energy sector. The main activities of KLR Elektrik are the retail sale and wholesale of electrical energy directly to the consumers.

The main field of activity of Nuve Elektrik is the generation of electricity. The Company's management continues to assess all alternative plans, including sales, for the establishment of a hydroelectric power plant in Bitlis.

Global Anadolu Enerji was established mainly to operate in the Eastern Anatolia Region and to develop SPP (Solar Power Plant) Projects. It shall accelerate its business activities in the energy sector in the second half of 2022.