The Hikmet Kiler Foundation was established on June 12, 2007 by the deceased Hikmet Kiler and his sons, Mr Nahit Kiler, Vahit Kiler and Ümit Kiler.

    Since the day our Foundation was established, we have accomplished many projects that are beneficial to our country and our people, by adopting the motto "Humanity comes first!", by continuing to work honestly and knowing how to share.

    We built Hikmet Kiler Science High School and Dormitory in Bitlis in 2007 and delivered it to Bitlis National Education. We undertook the construction of Hacı Hikmet Kiler and Sevgül Kiler Mosques in the centre of Bitlis. We opened Quran Courses for Boys and Girls next to these mosques and allocated them to the use by the Mufti of Bitlis. We built a Condolence House, which was a great lacking for us, to Bitlis. Within the scope of the Hikmet Kiler Awards, we organized award-winning competitions in all schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. To fight against erosion, we created a Memorial Forest under the leadership of the General Directorate of Forestry. In 2022, we distributed 20000 food packages to families in need during Ramadan in Bitlis. In the African region, feasibility studies are being carried out for drilling water wells in geographies with water shortages. We organize Science and Mathematics Olympiads for our students studying in secondary schools.

    Our foundation carries out educational and cultural studies in order to entrust the future of our beloved homeland to a right-minded, virtuous, knowledgeable, loyal generation with strong national.