Our code of ethics is the "THE SET OF PRINCIPLES" that constitutes the company's behaviour in its relations with company partners, employees, customers and the parties to which it is a party within the framework of social responsibility. The aforementioned ethical rules are established in order to increase the efficiency of service quality within the company, to use resources effectively, to prevent unfair competition, and to regulate relations with employees. Ethical rules are also the most important element for increasing the prestige of the company and for ensuring the continuity of steadiness and trust within the company. Kiler GYO requires loyalty to the following ethical rules and ensures that audits are carried out regarding loyalty to the above-mentioned ethical rules.

Regarding the Legislation;

In company regulations; it is ensured that the requirements of all national and international rules and regulations are met. All reports and records are issued/kept in parallel with national and international accounting principles.

Regarding the Functioning;

A fair, healthy and safe working environment is created. Employees are offered equal opportunities during both recruitment and career development stages without any discrimination.
Care is taken to employ a suitable number of employees for the workload; it is ensured that working hours are not exceeded; regular leave issues are kept under control. Care is taken to ensure that the rights of the employees arising from the provisions of the legislation, to which they are subject, are fulfilled in a timely and complete manner.

Regarding the Shareholders;

Kiler GYO does not act contrary to the legislation and company regulations during its management and business activities. It works hard in order to benefit from the investments of the shareholders to the widest extent and to create added value. Each Shareholder is given the same value, regardless of the number of shares owned by them. The financial situation, current company structure and changes, commercial activities and performance are clearly and periodically updated and informed to the shareholders.
Care is taken to implement the principle of transparency so that Shareholders, Right Holders and Suppliers can access information. Care is taken to support development studies in order to provide access to the right information in a short time.
Information Requests of the Shareholders are met as soon as possible, except for confidential and commercial information about the company that is not available to the public. Maximum efforts are made in order to ensure the attendance of shareholders in the General Assembly Meetings.

Regarding the Principles of Corporate Management;

In all services and transactions, the information is presented to the Right Holders in a comprehensible, accurate, clear, timely and complete manner.
Compliance with Corporate Management Principles is strictly observed.
The principle of transparency is observed when it comes to the information disclosed to the public.

Regarding the Sector;

In Turkey, meticulous attention is paid to the development of the real estate sector, the activation of marketing-sales activities, the observation of common interests and the provision of continuity of trust in the sector.
When competing with competitors, they are treated honestly and fairly, and the laws are observed.

Regarding the Conflicts of Interest;

Employees cannot use their duties and powers in the company in a way that benefits them, their families or third parties. All kinds of measures are taken in order to prevent conflicts of interest. None of the employees can benefit personally from company operations, use company properties, information and positions for their personal interests, or compete with the company.
Employees pay maximum attention to the company's expenses and act in a saving and cost consciousness.

Regarding Social Responsibility and the Environment;

The protection of the environment and natural life, consumer rights and public health issues are attached importance and the rules regarding these are followed.
All activities are carried out in accordance with social benefits and respect for the environment.
Care is taken to protect the environment in all activities.
All financial liabilities against the government are fulfilled in accordance with the legislation.

Regarding the Employees;

Employees are selected from among those who are honest, reliable, who care about ethical and moral values, and who have certain knowledge, experience and sense of responsibility. They aim the increase of the company's profitability and market share, and perform their duties in the best way possible. They always represent the company in the best possible way, and act in accordance with the laws and internal regulations of the company. They work diligently, regularly, in a disciplined way and selflessly, and they do their best in order to improve their professional skills and increase their experience.

They strive for the correct and effective use of the company's assets/resources and prevent the use of such assets/resources in a way that serves personal interests.
They do not take part in any other field of activity other than the company.
They pay maximum attention to the observance of ethical rules. And, in case of disloyalty to the rules, they contact the competent authorities in order to take the necessary measures.
In their relations with each other, they behave demurely and in a careful manner.
They support the auditors in order to ensure that they can continue their work, and they provide them with the necessary opportunities and assistance when needed.

Employees and Managers apply the principles of the code of ethics in all their work. These rules apply to all internal and external communications through the media, including the Internet and E-Mail.